This website seeks to gather information on those in the Evangelical Church who are serving refugees or who have expertise and resources in areas that intersect with the crisis. If you would like to contribute information, contact someone you know who has already contributed or Collaborate4Refugees(at)gmail.com 
The refugee crisis is complex. It requires experts and network leaders from various countries and issue specialties to speak into the discussion. Our objective of this site is to simply create a space where those capable of providing leadership can do so collaboratively with those in other areas. This collaborative leadership is focused on serving those who provide leadership for ministries at the ground level. 
Note that this site will continue to evolve as individuals contribute information

There are several regional and global networks seeking to provide leadership on the refugee crisis. We encourage you to explore what they have to offer and get involved with them where appropriate. Each platform brings unique value to the challenge.

Refugee Ethnic Groups:
Our plan is to encourage the development of networks for each people group significantly represented in the refugee crisis. These will have various levels of security considerations. This is a work in progress being led by individuals participating in the Global Diaspora Network. 
Church and ministry leaders in the different countries receiving refugees are the "feet on the ground" for the Church's response. Significant effort is given on this site to help them express their context and to be able to access the resources they need to be effective.
Note that the destinations extend beyond Europe.

There are key issues that extend across the refugee world. We seek to create a space where networks that are focused on these issues are able to share resources and respond to the needs of those serving refugees. 
Denominations, mission agencies, and relief and development organizations often have their own refugee response strategy expressed in multiple countries. We are providing a space where they can illustrate where they are serving and provide links to their sites explaining their ministry.

Resources & FAQs:
There are several organizations and networks that have developed excellent lists of resources. The EEA has also developed a series of Frequently Asked Questions.